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Project: The Purposes of the Library in Our future

Location: Cranbourne Library 

Unit: Capstone - Architectural Practice 2

Year: 2018

Course: Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture) (Honours)


Lounge to cafe.jpg
Lounge area

In 50 years from now, technology is likely to dominate the world of information sharing and resources. Therefore, the Internet is what people mostly need for gathering information, ideas, and their home is where they feel comfortable to be alone or with their family. This causes less interaction in local public spaces, less sharing, less community involvement. This results in a threat to the future of libraries as people would not find a reason to be a part of it.


The design intent is to build a purpose for our future libraries. Creating a space where people can find what they need that may not be available at their homes, such as sharing, interaction, creation and support from the community. Additionally, futuristic technologies are contributed to the design, to enhance the library experience, provide more efficiency and effectiveness in the overall space. However, physical books are preserved as part of the library to produce a connection between new technology and unique sources of information and knowledge.

floor plan rendered.jpg

The foundation


The project investigates the foundation of library from past, present to improve the future library.




The site to be renovated by removing the roof to make use of the natural light.  The new structure will be contributed to the existing wall for sustainability purposes and maximising atmospheric quality.


For the local community, there will be one café, family areas, lounges, physical book areas, gaming, labs, and quiet study spaces. For staff members, there will be a large counter, meeting rooms, kitchen, and admin rooms.


To preserve physical book for a future generation, the bookshelf will be implemented throughout the spaces, categories according to each area.

Music room edited.jpg
Bridge- music area
Music room entrance.jpg
Entrance to the bridge



The idea of library once it was found was to provide sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. Moreover, people back in the days already start to prepare for the future by collecting items of historical and cultural significance for future generations.



Community area



The foundation of libraries nowadays is to Provides Training, resources and activities in order to fill the gap in the community. They provide training such as technological skills that taking a part of our life. Offering activities and resources made accessible to a community remained at our present time. Moreover, some libraries nowadays also collect items of historical item for future generations.

The library design layout now has starting to adapt to the existing technology age and make spaces for the whole communities.

Cafe area



All the features of the past and present library will be implemented to the futuristic Cranbourne library, in addition to futuristic technology that will enhance the experience.


Physical books are to be preserved, following research found that physical books are still the first choice for most people to keep and start reading. The preservation of physical is to highlight and maintain the uniqueness of library, which differ from the internet sources.


The concept of past-present and future is to be implemented in the new library layout, having connection between the past which is the existing radio station to the new library which is the future.



Research, exploration lab

Lab is to be equipped productive equipment and futuristic technologies such as AI hologram and Integrative VR which help bringing creativity to another level.

Conference room.jpg
Study area, meeting area
Children area exterior.jpg
Kids areas
gaming inside.jpg
Gaming area
Gaming area
all elevation.jpg
East Elevation
West Elevation
all sections.jpg
South Section
East Section
Axonometric view
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