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Title: Swinburne Student sleeping pod, UN building

Date: 2016

Course: Bachelor of Design (Architecture) (Honour)

Unit: Studio 4, sustainable design


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The aim of the design is to renovate the UN building that is located in Swinburne University of Technology to be a nicer and more sustainable by implementing sustainable features such as kinetic façade system, passive solar design, passive solar heating and cooling, maximised natural lighting .



Level 3 of UN is designed to provide shading to windows of the student union offices and an upgraded reception of student union offices so that it might become the afterhours book in reception. New capsule hotel is also located at the outdoor area, provide 24h access for student is tired after their long day of study. Moreover, extend existing toilets to include shower cubicles and small laundry for the students.


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Sun’s light penetration occurs through the northern façade and hits the glass bottles, structured as the legs of the coffee table. During the day time, the heat to be kept and to be released during night time.


The student union offices, level 4, have an empty frame where once a canopy was: the air conditioning has to work overtime to overcome the solar gains in Summer.

The student union bar, level 3, located above the bookshop in building UN is a bit of a tired interior whose visual language more reminiscent of a 1980’s board room than an exciting student hangout!

Both floors desperately need a facelift!

The design brief is to insert passive solar design elements that will enhance and transform the existing interior, both aesthetically and technically.

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The roof contains green roof, water header tanks, solar hot water panels to either heat all the buildings water, optional solar hydronic heating, and photovoltaic panels. These features help UN to be a standalone building.

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Kenitic Facade takes the main role in blacking and reflecting the sun light during summer and allowing the light and heat during winter by having Dynamic kenitic Facade system. It provides a  dynamic veneer that progressions to open air conditions, enhancing inward atmosphere, while en­abling clients to customize their own spaces with client controls.


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