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Course: Bachelor of Design (Architecture) (Honour)

Unit: Food and Design- A sequence of three atmospheric conditions

Project: Cambo-Three

Date: 2016

Location: Melbourne CBD

Size: D= 10 m x W = 22 m x H 3 m

iSOMETRIC view.jpg

In studio 3, Food and Design: A sequence of three atmospheric conditions, I was required to create three atmospheres of a hospitality space based on the metaphorical inference of 3 food courses. My chosen type of food was Cambodian restaurant, provided an area of D=10m x W=22m x H 3m having openings at front and back.



The aim of the design is to deliver different atmospheric feeling for each space, Entrée, Main course and Dessert, which is the lounge area. The inspirations of the design are mainly drawn from Cambodian food in many ways such as colour, shape, and taste. Even the restaurant is differentiated to three atmospheres, however; colour is taken the main role to maintain the looks of a restaurant. The ceiling is designed to guide from one area to another by using strip lighting as exposure.

Entrance 3D.jpg

The entrée


The entrance of the CAMBO-TH3EE and the reception counter is physically and emotionally connected by a threshold. As the areas are categorised to be linked, the shapes of a Cambodian food is applied into many areas, lines for the entrance, strip for the reception ceiling, its wall and the bar bench. In order to main the design element but also create a little bit of different look for each space, different tone of colours and different type strips are used. To expose those elements of design, strip lighting has taken the most important role in creating contrast, feature lighting, and ambient lighting.


The main course


The most challenging of the whole restaurant is the main dining because of the chosen food for this area does not have any specific shapes for a design element. However, the liquid and its colours are considered to be relevant for inspiration. What makes the area to really stand out from others is the curved wall, which is drawn from the soup itself. A different tone of colours and feature lighting are used to expose the design element even more.


The dessert


The main goal of the lounge design is to provide a unique experience that completely different from other areas. Pumpkin custard is the inspiration of the design, where colours, shapes, and taste all drawn from. Shapes and colours would be the most prominent elements whereas taste goes deep in the dessert, sweet and warm. To achieve this challenge, different colour tones are used, cool white strip lighting at the back of the lounge and on the ceiling, to provide feature lighting whereas warm colour of pendant light to create spotlighting. In CAMBO-TH3EE, the area is located at the middle of the restaurant, which gives easy access to all other areas, especially the bar.

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